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  • World Elders Day, 1st October 2017
  • 01/Oct/2017
  • Sunday

World Elders Day, 1st October 2017

“Stepping into the Future – Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in Society” was the theme for the International Day of Older Persons, 2017.

Going forward in similar lines, this year SCHCS celebrated the day with the most spirited senior members of the Borbari Laughter Club , Guwahati at the Borbari Lower Primary school premises. The day was inaugurated with a beautiful devotional song by one of the senior members followed by felicitation of the SCHCS members. On the occasion, one of our members spoke on the significance of the day and on the work carried out SCHCS presently and commenced the program .The event focused on promoting overall wellbeing among seniors through health check up, counselling on dental care, maintaining bone and mental health etc combined with various recreational activities.

Screening tests for Bone Mineral Density (BMD), Anaemia, Albuminurea and Vascular age determination were done followed by a consultation with the doctors, physiotherapist and psychologist as required. Some of the common issues seen among the seniors were hypertension, Diabetes, Multiple joint pain and poor dental care.

The fun part of the day involved impromptu activities involving all seniors and engaging them in fond reminiscence, quality interactions accompanied by songs and poems. Many shared very interesting experiences of life and spoke about their bucket lists of dreams and desires yet to be fulfilled. True sportsmanship was seen when penalties were embraced with open hands too. In fact many looked forward to it as penalties involved singing and dancing!

The vivacity towards life seen among the seniors from Borbari Laughter Club brought to naught a very common conception that “Older people are rigid”.

Finally we bid adieu to all the members with commitments for more such events in the future.

                      -Ms. Debastuti Baruah,

                Psychological Counsellor, SCHCS