Manuel Medical Foundation aims to cater to the important medical needs of the Indian population.

This goal is rooted in the belief that all human lives are of equal value.

It is based on the proven scientific fact that all humans are descendants of one common ancestor. This fact confirms that the global human community is one family.

The foundation will focus on the most important areas of medical need. These areas are identified based on disparity, geographic area and socioeconomic factors, besides others.

Priority will be given to the most remote and inaccessible parts of India.

Utilization of current methods and technologies to achieve the above goals will be made maximum use of.

These include internet based technologies, electronic medical records and relevant communication devices.

Inputs for advancement, feedback for improvement of all existing services and setting minimum standards of care are incorporated into its routine functioning.



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Vision and Mission statements


Vision: To make quality health care services accessible, to the people of remote and far flung and underserved regions of India.


Mission: Taking quality health care services to the doorsteps of those in need of such services.


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