Guwahati Activities

The Senior Citizens Health Care Services (SCHCS) is operating at Guwahati. This is the North-East Indian branch of Manuel Medical Foundation. It is the regional head quarters of the operations for North East India medical services of Manuel Medical Foundation. It was formed considering the great need of elderly care services in the region.

The team comprises of the following members:

Honourary Chief Coordinator          - Dr. Neelakshi Mahanta

Honourary Research Coordinator   -  Dr. (Prof) Ankumoni Saikia

Honourary Medical  Coordinator     - Dr. Indrajit Kalita

   Dr. Yogiraj Das


Dr. Balanuj  Mazumdar

Dr. Himamoni Deka

Dr. Bhaskar Neog

Dr. Chandana Kalita

Ms. Preeti  Rekha Goswami (physiotherapist)

Mr. Sankar Talukdar (physiotherapist)

Ms. Priyanka Bhattacharjee (clinical psychologist & counselor)

Ms. Ankita Kakati (clinical psychologist & counselor)

Ms. Debastuti Baruah (clinical psychologist & counselor)

Quality, comprehensive, compassionate care is the primary goal of SCHCS. To achieve this, the team comprises fully committed volunteers. All services will be provided without any discrimination of caste, creed, religion, color or sex.


Vision (SCHCS) - To reach out to the doorsteps of the elderly and provide all supportive care for their holistic needs

Mission (SCHCS)- To provide medical care to the elderly and create awareness to maintain functional independence and psychosocial well being


SCHCS provides Health Support on International Women’s Day  on 8/3/2018 at Guwahati

SCHCS came forward to provide health care support in the Day Long celebration programme organized by Panjabari Senior Citizens’ Association in association with Uttar Pub Sanmilita Nari Mancha held on 8th March 2018 in Guwahati.

In the day-long programme a march by the women, including several Senior Citizens was taken up from Bipanan Khetra to Kalakshetra via Six Mile, Guwahati.

There were many discussions, deliberations and competitions and the day ended by felicitation of prominent women with a significant contribution to society.

SCHCS always aims at coming forward in providing help and support to any kind of need in society. 


Senior Citizen’s Health Awareness Camp at Dispur, near Baageswari Thaan held on 2/7/2018

Once again, members of SCHCS decided that it was time to spread the message of positive health amongst our senior citizens. This time we chose a destination in the heart of the city at Dispur, near Baageswari Thaan. The elders in the locality were communicated about our awareness camp and around 30 elderly, who were quite young in their spirits came to participate in the deliberations. Various aspects of Healthy and Successful Aging were discussed.

At the onset, Dr. Neelakshi Mahanta spoke on the concept of Ageism and its various interpretations in society. Emphasis was laid on breaking the barriers and misconceptions about the aging process. Importance was laid on physical, mental and psychosocial well-being . Dr. Ankumoni Saikia spoke on the relevance and importance of Nutrition as a crucial component of Healthy Aging. Dr. Balanuj Mazumdar spoke on Prevention of Falls and the importance of maintaining functional independence. Dr. Yogiraj Das was instrumental in giving individualized advice to the elderly who had various co- morbid and needed customized care.

Apart from this, SCHCS was supported by various pharmaceuticals who came forward and helped in investigations like HbA1C estimation, Uric Acid levels, Assessment of Vascular Age and detection of sensory neuropathy. Those with neuropathy were adviced to take special precautions to prevent Falls as they would be in the high-risk category.

There was an enthusiastic participation by the elderly who had various queries and our team tried to give answers to many of their medical issues and concerns.

SCHCS was delighted to have the participation of 4 young volunteers from Handique College, Ms. Dolly, Ms. Manjita, Ms. Darshana and Ms. Sushmita who helped with the interactions and filling the demographic details of the participants.

We look forward to more such awareness camps as we feel that a lot of multiple aging issues can be tackled and prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle with holistic care.


Health Camp at Nabina Sangha held on 11/02/2018

Falls are a leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in older persons worldwide. Falls threaten senior’s safety and independence and generate enormous economic and personal costs.

Prevention of Fall was the objective of our latest health camp at Nabina Sangha, a socio-cultural organisation of  Zoo Road , Guwahati.

We started off with an introductory meeting followed by a brief talk by Dr Balanuj Mazumdar, focusing on the severity of falls, the risk factors associated and how it can be prevented.

Along with it, our Dentist, Dr Chandana Kalita spoke on dental hygiene and importance of regular check-ups. All the seniors underwent a thorough dental examination too.

The health evaluation focused primarily on BMD (Bone Mineral Density Test), Timed Get up and Go Test, Mini Cognitive Evaluation and a detailed medical /fall history.

Depending on the seniors level of risk for falls our team of Physiotherapists and Doctors advised on fall prevention and demonstrated exercises for strength building.

This was the health part of it; however, our camp included a fun section too!

The young hearts from Nabina Sangha were well aware that a good laugh is indeed the best medicine. None stayed behind in singing, playing passing the parcel or participating in the fun balloon games. From a 60-year-old to an 89-year-old, we saw immense vivacity amongst them and are truly enjoying every flavour that life has bestowed.

With right precautions and modifications, we can prevent falls to a certain extent and allow our seniors to make the rest of their lives the best of their lives.

All members of SCHCS actively participated in the camp. We are grateful to the young volunteer doctors who came forward to assist in the cause.

The writer is Ms Debastuti Baruah, member SCHCS


World Elderly Day, 1st October 2017, celebrated by SCHCS at Borbari Laughing Club, Guwahati

“Stepping into the Future – Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participation of Older Persons in Society” was the theme for the International Day of Older Persons, 2017.

Going forward in similar lines, this year SCHCS celebrated the day with the most spirited senior members of the Borbari Laughter Club , Guwahati at the Borbari Lower Primary school premises. The day was inaugurated with a beautiful devotional song by one of the senior members followed by felicitation of the SCHCS members. On the occasion, one of our members spoke on the significance of the day and on the work carried out SCHCS presently and commenced the program .The event focused on promoting overall wellbeing among seniors through health check up, counselling on dental care, maintaining bone and mental health etc combined with various recreational activities.

Screening tests for Bone Mineral Density (BMD), Anaemia, Albuminurea and Vascular age determination were done followed by a consultation with the doctors, physiotherapist and psychologist as required. Some of the common issues seen among the seniors were hypertension, Diabetes, Multiple joint pain and poor dental care.

The fun part of the day involved impromptu activities involving all seniors and engaging them in fond reminiscence, quality interactions accompanied by songs and poems. Many shared very interesting experiences of life and spoke about their bucket lists of dreams and desires yet to be fulfilled. True sportsmanship was seen when penalties were embraced with open hands too. In fact many looked forward to it as penalties involved singing and dancing!

The vivacity towards life seen among the seniors from Borbari Laughter Club brought to naught a very common conception that “Older people are rigid”.

Finally we bid adieu to all the members with commitments for more such events in the future.

 -Ms. Debastuti Baruah,

Psychological Counsellor, SCHCS


Senior Citizens' Camp at Nalbari- the first rural outreach Programme of SCHCS- 6th August 2017

While we languish during a daylong power cut, seniors from Bagals Road, Nalbari got to know the status of their lungs, bones and heart.

It was time for another event by SCHCS and this time the team journeyed down to Nalbari and organised a health camp for the seniors from that area. Our motive behind this camp was to reach out to the rural population of the state and create awareness about elderly health issues along with a basic health and dental check up. The camp was organised in a private school, Suprova Mahanta Shankardev School, Nalbari on 6th August,2017.  The arrangements were done in a 3 step process wherein the seniors  got their testing done followed by  consultation with the doctors , physiotherapist and psychologist  and  finally spending some quality time participating in recreational activities. The health check included screening tests for Bone mineral density (BMD), Anaemia, Albuminurea , along with BMI, Breathometer , Pulse wave velocity (PWV) and Vascular age determination.

Around 50 seniors were examined and most had complaints of various ailments. Some of the prominent health issues observed were low bone density, low haemoglobin and hypertension for which medication along dietary and lifestyle modifications were advised.

Multiple joint pain , mostly knee and back, were common complaints  for which our physiotherapists ,post examination,   recommended exercises to improve mobility and build muscle strength.

As they waited for their turn, members from our team had enriching interactions with the seniors, where some shared bitter experiences of life while others sang songs and shared jokes.

 With a better insight into the issues of elderly from rural areas and renewed motivation for more of such events a productive Sunday ended sans electricity.


SCHCS camp held on 07/05/2017 at "Seneh Old Age Home", Kahilipara , Guwahati.

It was  a bright Sunday morning on the 7th of May 2017, when members of Senior Citizens Health Care Services decided to take off some of their time to spend with the inmates of “Seneh” an Old Age Home for destitute elderly located in a beautiful ambience at Kahilipara,  a quiet suburb of Guwahati.

The team members arrived  with a lot of enthusiasm with an aim to spend some quality time with the inmate of the home as well as give them a health check up and understand their health related needs. We received a very warm welcome from the Care manager of the home and the two very young and cheerful care givers who are relentlessly looking into all the basic needs of the elderly who stay there. We were amazed at the picturesque ambience of greenery with a beautiful garden all around.

It was even more surprising as some of the elderly inmates came forward to show their skills and crafts which were on display. Hand knitted woollen sweaters, baby sets, throw rugs, kitchen towels and woven mekhelas(a traditional Assamese wear) adorned a shelf which they proudly showed us.  This kind of creativity can really bring about a boost to the mindset of the elderly and it can improve their quality of life.  Most importantly, it emphasizes on their productivity and can also make them feel empowered.

We were introduced to Dr. N.C. Rabha who looks after the administration and we were fortunate to meet Retired Gp Captain  Sri Atul Chandra Baruah who is the Chairman of the Managing Trust of  Seneh. After a brief introductory meeting, our team members got to work and we did a comprehensive check up of all the elderly . Our physiotherapist did a functional assessment and taught them simple activities to keep them active, while also addressing specific needs to some individuals.  Blood sugar testing was done to all to see their diabetic status.  

It was indeed a Sunday morning well spent and we assured to give a continuum of care for their inmates on a regular basis in future days. 


Grandma's Day Out... on 11th February 2017

“The secret of Genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age which means never losing your enthusiasm”- Aldous Huxley

This was exactly what we saw as we entered the Mothers Old age home, Guwahati – A room filled with laughter, excitement  and unconditional love from the residents ,  “Moromor Aita” ,  as we call them.

We had planned to take some of the residents on an outing to the Sai Temple, Chachal.  It was an overwhelming sight to see them clad in their finest Mekhela Chador and all set to go out and have some fun together. A group of 5 residents from the home and 6 of our members went on this trip to the Sai Temple. It was a fulfilled journey to our destination with nonstop chatting along with some good music. 

On reaching, we were a bit worried if they will be able to take the long walk inside the temple campus. “I am used to walking double this distance and worked in the paddy fields all day” said one of them and all our worries were settled. We went inside and sat for quite some time where we interacted with some of them while few of them were engrossed in the soothing bhajans being played. To add on to the joy,one of them met a family friend from her  village after a long period of almost 20 years.Infact he was born in her hands when she was working as a nurse at Mushalpur Medical ; A small world indeed!!

After a quick snack in a nearby restaurant we went back to leave them with promises to plan more of such outings in the near future.

Each one of the resident carries a heavy burden in some corner of their heart but to see them laughing and blissfully enjoying each other’s company was a sight weighing its worth in Gold.

Apart from being a lesson in Gratitude for all of us, this visit also reminded us that happiness is all about perception and attitude.

It definitely was “An evening to remember ...”

Written by Ms. Debastuti Baruah, member of Senior Citizens Health Care Services (SCHCS)



Free elderly health camp conducted by SCHCS at KGMT premises on 26th January 2017

A free elderly health camp was conducted by members of SCHCS in collaboration with KGMT hospital, Zoo Narengi Road, Guwahati on 26th of January 2017 from 10 am to 2 pm. While Dr. Neelakshi Mahanta introduced the team members and highlighted the aims and objectives of SCHCS, Dr. Ankumoni Saikia briefly gave an awareness talk about active aging and Preventive Geriatrics.

 Around 25 elderly patients were seen by team members of SCHCS which included Dr. Neelakshi Mahanta, Dr. Ankumoni Saikia and Dr. Yogiraj Das. Doctors and staff from KGMT Hospital also came forward to assist our team. Priyanka Bhattacharjee and Debastuti Baruah helped with the psychological assessments along with tips for cognitive stimulation, while Ms. Preeti Rekha Goswami and Sankar Talukdar did the functional assessments and gave advice on physiotherapy for active and healthy aging.

The programme was highly appreciated by all, and the need for such future initiatives along with awareness programmes was put forward by those who attended the camp.

SCHCS expressed its gratitude to Dr. Nivedita Goswami, Managing Trustee of KGMT Hospital for providing the logistic support.


International Day for Older People celebrated at Guwahati on 2/10/2016 by SCHCS

World Elderly Day was celebrated on 2nd October 2016 (Sunday) where SCHCS along with North Dispur Senior Citizens Association observed a day long programme in Srimanta Sankar Kristi Kendra, Mathura Nagar, Guwahati.

The senior citizens enthusiastically took part in various recreational and cultural activities which were planned for them. A free health camp was organized where the members of SCHCS tried to address the various medical, functional, cognitive and psychosocial issues of the elderly. Investigations like spirometry, BMI , Hb levels were done for their benefit and they were adviced according to their needs. SCHCS members also created awareness amongst them regarding various aspects of healthy and active aging. It was extremely encouraging to see the elderly come forward and participate in singing, dancing, recitation and sharing their valuable life experiences. SCHCS endeavours to provide home based health care services wherever possible for the elderly with multiple chronic health problems and create awareness for general well being , keeping in sync with its motto, ‘where life begins at 60’.


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