• Aug
  • Senior Citizens' Camp at Nalbari- the first rural outreach Programme of SCHCS
  • 06/Aug/2017
  • Sunday

While we languish during a daylong power cut, seniors from Bagals Road, Nalbari got to know the status of their lungs, bones and heart.

It was time for another event by SCHCS and this time the team journeyed down to Nalbari and organised a health camp for the seniors from that area. Our motive behind this camp was to reach out to the rural population of the state and create awareness about elderly health issues along with a basic health and dental check up. The camp was organised in a private school, Suprova Mahanta Shankardev School, Nalbari on 6th August,2017.  The arrangements were done in a 3 step process wherein the seniors  got their testing done followed by  consultation with the doctors , physiotherapist and psychologist  and  finally spending some quality time participating in recreational activities. The health check included screening tests for Bone mineral density (BMD), Anaemia, Albuminurea , along with BMI, Breathometer , Pulse wave velocity (PWV) and Vascular age determination.

Around 50 seniors were examined and most had complaints of various ailments. Some of the prominent health issues observed were low bone density, low haemoglobin and hypertension for which medication along dietary and lifestyle modifications were advised.

Multiple joint pain , mostly knee and back, were common complaints  for which our physiotherapists ,post examination,   recommended exercises to improve mobility and build muscle strength.

As they waited for their turn, members from our team had enriching interactions with the seniors, where some shared bitter experiences of life while others sang songs and shared jokes.

 With a better insight into the issues of elderly from rural areas and renewed motivation for more of such events a productive Sunday ended sans electricity.